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Managing The Inflamed Gut


Maryland gastroenterologists explain how to better manage the inflammation in Crohn’s and celiac disease and how to help women with inflammatory bowel disease through pregnancy and childbirth.

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Genomics Advances: The Quest for Personalized Medicine


Personalized medicine is hardly new, but major advances in are paving the way for a more sophisticated approach to personalized medicine. Learn how these developments may affect your medical practice.

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Stopping Infectious Diseases


Learn why the CDC recommends that all baby boomers be tested for Hepatitis C, how fecal transplants can effectively treat C. diff, and why providers should address MRSA in the clinic or exam room, not just in nursing facilities and hospitals.

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Harnessing the Power of Imaging to Fight Cancer

MRI450w_wide-girth man

Maryland radiologists describe advances in 3T MRI and PET/CT, including new radioisotopes, improving oncologic imaging – detecting metastatic disease, more targeted prostate biopsies and treating brain tumors.

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Help Your Patients Get a Better Night’s Sleep


Learn why experts recommend making questions about sleep habits part of the physical. Get latest advice for treating common sleep problems: sleep apnea, insomnia, restless leg syndrome and circadian rhythm disturbances.

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Menopausal Women: Clearing up the Controversies


A trio of Maryland women’s health experts provide the latest medical information to treat common issues in middle-aged women – osteoporosis, hormone replacement therapy and pelvic prolapse.

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Managing Concussions and Choosing Wisely


Two experts explain how Maryland children are benefiting from national and local initiatives that promote better treatment of concussions and that limit unnecessary tests and procedures through a new Choosing Wisely initiative.

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Preventing GERD and Hiatal Hernias from Turning Deadly

HOMEPAGEadrian-park-january-2012 (1)_edited-1

Our medical experts discuss appropriate surveillance for patients with GERD and Barrett’s esophagus, and when surgical intervention is appropriate to prevent a hiatal hernia from becoming deadly.

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Progress and Promise: The State of Stem Cell Research In Maryland


Maryland researchers are actively tapping into the enormous potential of stem cells. Our experts explain how these cells can be used for drug testing, tissue regeneration and even shutting down cancer cell proliferation.

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Preventing Falls and Medication Complications in Seniors: Simple Measures in the Office Reduce Risks


Geriatricians explain how to prevent medication errors and help older adults avoid falling with some basic but essential tips, including the ‘Get Up and Go’ test.

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