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How to Avoid Legal Pitfalls in Hospital Employment Agreements

Medicine is squeezing all it can out of the dollar.

In Maryland and elsewhere in the U.S., health reform and other factors are fueling the trend toward hospital employment of physicians. Consider these issues If you are considering the sale of your practice to a hospital.

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How to Avoid the Legal Pitfalls of Social Media


Pro-active use of social media can provide myriad benefits to a medical practice, and a little bit of careful planning and implementation can help avoid many of the potential legal pitfalls.

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ACA Impact on Small Private Medical Practices


Small private medical practices should know which provisions in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act taking effect January 1, 2014, may affect the health insurance plan currently offered to their staff.

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How to Avoid Ten Common Mistakes

By: Neal M. Brown and Nicole A. McCarus Responding to the Maryland Medical Licensing Boards:  Your medical license is your livelihood and every inquiry from a licensing board is a “big deal.”  Licensing boards have almost unfettered authority to investigate, prosecute and impact your ability to practice medicine in Maryland.  How you respond to a […]

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How HIPAA Rule Changes May Affect EHR Relationships


The HiTech Act in 2009 set in motion a series of changes to the HIPAA rules. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) most recent HIPAA regulation response was issued March 26, 2013.

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Top 10 New HIPAA Changes for Physicians


The long-awaited changes to HIPPA were released on January 25, 2013, overhauling physicians’ current obligations. Practices should begin reevaluating their business associates, policies, and training

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Dealing with Difficult Patients


“Difficult” patients exist in every clinical setting. This article will provide risk management strategies to help physicians and practice staff to better work with these patients, and minimize the risk of liability represented by them.

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Healthcare Reform & Compliance with Department of Labor Mandates

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By: Jack Weidner, CLTC As we approach the 2014 health insurance mandate, the principal element of health care reform (HCR), there continues to be more questions than answers for the various stakeholders involved. For practice leaders or employers, the next 15 months will provide time to evaluate your health insurance options and define your future […]

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If You Accept Plastic, Then…

MPM_Compliance_Rosen photo_July2012

By Barry F. Rosen and John C. Morton While doctors, hospitals and other medical facilities are patently aware of the numerous federal and state laws and regulations that govern the use and protection of patient information, they may not be aware of certain industry privacy standards applicable to medical providers that accept or process credit […]

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Six Ideas to Help Improve Internal Control Processes within Your Practice

By Bob Galiszewski, CPA and Cory Chaney, Senior Accountant WHILE OPERATING A practice, a physician is forced to delegate duties to trustworthy employees. Sometimes, this trust is not warranted and the temptation to take something knocks down the protective walls of honesty. A good adage to keep in mind is that fraud is typically committed […]

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