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Clinical Trials Propel Cancer Breakthroughs

While a vast array of mutations make it impossible to find one treatment approach that suits all cancers, clinical trials improve our understanding and use of the genome and immune system for more customized therapies. NIH’s Steven Rosenberg, MD, and other cancer experts explain.

Reflection and Forward Thinking

Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) Secretary Joshua Sharfstein, MD, reflects on his challenges and accomplishments and where his next position will take him.

Tomosynthesis: Better Detection of Breast Cancer

Maryland mammographers discuss how their experience and a recent study indicate that tomosynthesis, the newer 3D approach to mammography, detects more crucial breast cancers while reducing callbacks.

Is Private Practice Dead?

Don’t want to be employed by a health system or government agency, but fear that private practice is no longer viable? Learn new alternatives, from large single-specialty ‘mega’ groups to models focused on population health.

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What Medical Practitioners Can Learn From Retailers

Real estate brokers representing medical clients have become experts in both medical office and retail lease transactions. The lesson for physicians is to borrow sophisticated mapping tools from retailers to make sure their practice thrives.

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Current Departments

Good Deeds

Creating Systems of Support for Young Adults with Cancer

When a young person is diagnosed with cancer, their list of questions, wonders and worries can seem never-ending. What are my chances of beating this? How sick will I get? Am I going to lose my hair? What about my work; how will I pay my bills? How will my family cope? [...]


Start Palliative Care Consult at Time of Cancer Diagnosis

Cheryl is a 55-year-old woman in good health with no significant medical history, who presented with low back pain radiating to her legs that has failed six weeks of conservative treatment with physical therapy and NSAIDS. She attributed a 20-pound weight loss over two months to increased exercise and a new dietary supplement [...]

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Maryland Wine Country: A Blend of Scenery and Tastes

I’ve called home for over 30 years, and in that time I’ve been regularly amazed at the history, natural beauty and destination this great state keeps showing me. Most recently, I wanted to develop my wine palate and knowledge. I also needed some easy, outdoor-focused day trips. [...]