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The Unmentionables: Incontinence and Erectile Dysfunction

Many of your patients may still be reluctant to mention that they have incontinence or erectile dysfunction. That’s why our experts advise physicians to ask patients about these common, but still ‘unmentionable’ disorders.

How to Avoid Legal Pitfalls in Hospital Employment Agreements

In Maryland and elsewhere in the U.S., health reform and other factors are fueling the trend toward hospital employment of physicians. Consider these issues If you are considering the sale of your practice to a hospital.

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Managing The Inflamed Gut

Maryland gastroenterologists explain how to better manage the inflammation in Crohn’s and celiac disease and how to help women with inflammatory bowel disease through pregnancy and childbirth.

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A New Era: Maryland’s Medicare Waiver

After almost 40 years under the existing Medicare waiver, and with healthcare reform underway nationally, Maryland healthcare policy leaders agreed to revise current incentives in favor of a population-based approach.

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mHealth Harnesses Care Improvements

What’s more impressive than the explosion in mobile devices is that mHealth is moving beyond gimmicky devices and interesting apps to make an impact on health and healthcare delivery.

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Good Deeds

Putting Up the Good MS Fight

Throughout April and May, thousands of Marylanders will walk in one of 11 local 5K events planned and sponsored by the National Multiple Sclerosis Foundation’s Maryland Chapter. Collectively, their efforts will raise thousands of dollars to support research and the continuous search for a cure [...]



Morbid Obesity and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

ELIZABETH A. DOVEC, M.D. Case: A 45-year-old morbidly obese female with past medical history significant for hypertension presents for evaluation of burning epigastric and substernal pain that has recurred almost daily for the past four months.  She says these symptoms are worse when she lies down and after meals.  She denies difficulty swallowing.   The patient […]



Asheville, North Carolina

As someone who is typically drawn to active vacation destinations focused on beach or outdoor sports, Asheville, North Carolina, was not on my radar as a potential vacation spot. However, I’d heard so many great things about it so I followed my inclination to jump at new opportunities for adventure [...]