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Baton Rouge Dentist Explains Link Between Smoking and Oral Health

The anti-smoking campaigns have done an excellent job of informing the public about the harmful effects of cigarette smoke on dental health as well as lung cancer. Also, over 90% of mouth cancer is attributed to smoking. There are many programs to help smokers quit and regain their health.

The detrimental effects are not limited to them alone, but the smoke also affects those people around them because of the dangers of second-hand smoke. Dr. Grand has encouraged all of his patients to give up smoking.  Not only are there harmful effects of smoking on general health but dental health can be severely affected.

The two primary components of cigarette smoke are nicotine and tar.  These forms a residue that sticks to teeth. This heavy residue is responsible for discoloration of the teeth.  When a smoker exhales, some of the smoke remains in the oral cavity and lungs.

Research has proven that smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer and oral cancers. Cigarette smoke contains many cancer-causing agents. The smoke irritates the oral cavity resulting in cancer formation.

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Serrapeptase Gains Popularity In USA

Serrapeptase is a natural enzyme extracted from the intestines of silkworms. Dr. Napier, a German physician, in 1975 conducted extensive research in using Serrapeptase for the relief of pain and swelling. He also noticed that this enzyme was very effective in destroying blood clots and arterial plaque without any adverse reactions. His patients thus avoided heart attacks and strokes. In nature, this enzyme bores a whole in the silkworm’s cocoon to release the moth. Physicians in the United States are becoming more interested in the attributes of this enzyme.